Everything is connected. How traditionalism is socialist, while liberalism is capitalistic!

You ever notice how everything in life is connected. Every little thing. I mean really deeply connected. How did I even start blogging about feminism, it was through looking at things about children and babies and toddlers, which led me to working mother versus stay at home mother things, which led to feminism, and that to family and social structure, which recently led me to capitalism versus socialism, which leads me to human instincts, which leads back to children and babies.

EVERY thought can be connected to every thought and every person and every leaf and everything that exist and does not exist is all so deeply connected. The world is beautiful and we should celebrate it!

Traditionalism is the socialist model of structuring families. It is model of co-dependence that does not rely on competition to drive it. It promotes monogamy so that everyone gets a piece of the pie. Everyone gets access to sex. Everyone gets a spouse and can get access to ‘’work/the profits of male work’’ and access to sex and children. It is socialist at its heart.

Liberalism is the capitalist way of structuring society. We sleep around and there is no commitment. Sex or work is not guaranteed. In these societies many people go without being able to have children. The men who are richest or compete and end up successful with the biggest prey etc. get the most sex. This is the most natural way and it is the way we spent most of our existence.

It seems very interesting to me that conservatives are for capitalism while being for traditionalism, while liberals are for socialism while being for liberalism. It suggests that most of us truly are balanced and searching for something in-between. I am drawn more to socialism although capitalism seems far more natural. But the question still remains which one is truly better?? Whose interest should we seek; self or society?

Is the concept of capitalism better than the concept or socialism or the other way around? What do you think?