Cultural evolution: Do cultural norms have an evolution of their own?

The social structure and cultural norms that we have today are the result of hundreds of thousands of years of war and luck and conquest. It is not simply by chance and it does have a lot to say about what it takes to survive through some of life’s most harsh conditions, through famine, war and all of the other horrible things that we as humans can face.

Do you ever think about religion in terms of what it is? How did it come to being? How did it evolve? I know a lot of people look at it as coming from the bible or starting as a conspiracy or so. But look at the fact that the bible is very disconnected from many of the core beliefs of Christians. I mean polygamy is bad to Christians but it was okay in the Bible.

I do not know so much about Christianity though but it does seem to me that religion is more about culture than it is about a book or the book they claim to follow. It seems that in many cases the culture may have even come before the book. I think that in the same exact same way that physical traits have an evolutionary history which rest on the ‘’survival of the fittest’’ principle, cultural norms also had an evolution.

The cultural norms that led to better societies survived for a reason. Societies that were Christian, Muslim, Hindu etc., those that had monogamy survived for a reason. They were the fittest societies and they won the most wars.