Biology is my religion: for the meek shall inherit the earth!

I am not religious, but I think that a lot can be learnt from religion. The bible says “Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth”. And this seems to be true.

Meek people are humble people, and humble people are okay with putting the needs of others and the needs of society above their own needs. In this case the bible meant that people who were not self-serving, self-centered, or selfish will inherit the earth and that seems to be very true.

Meek people do very well in traditional setting because they are okay with accepting guidance from the past or from “God” (if they believe). Meek people are better at co-operation, they are more inclined to have more children (since having children take a lot of self-sacrifice), and their children are more inclined to survive (because they follow a system or culture that prioritizes the lives of children).

It is the genetics of the meek that shall make it in to the future and so, it is the meek who shall inherit the earth.

Self-centered people also make it into the future (or it would not be encoded so well into our genetics), but in recent history it is the meek that have built larger and more successful societies. Self-centered societies simply could not compete with traditional societies.


Biology is my Religion. Bring yourself and others joy not pain.

As most people who are not religious say, you do not need religion to have moral standards. I think biology can also offer insight into the right vs. wrong dilemma of life. We each know pain and pleasure and we know that pain is bad while pleasure is good. Morally we can look at each situation and determine who we would bring pain to by acting a certain way and who we would bring pleasure to. If we believe that our actions would bring us and those around us more joy than pain they are good actions, if not they are bad actions.

Of course it gets way more complicated than that in real life but that is the basis, and living within that realm can bring you very, very close to the moral standards of any major religion.