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3 Budget Recipes and 12 Budget Tips.

Cauliflower and cheese soup

Ingredients                              Estimated Amounts           Estimated price

Caulifloweras                            much as you like                0.24 euros

Flour                                           2 table spoons                    0.01 euros (actually less but hey!)

Paprika powder spice          as much as you like           0.05 euros

Oil                                               just a little                             0.05 euros

Cheese                                     100 grams                             0.44 euros

Mushrooms                            4 large                                    0.25 euros

Onions                                     2 small                                    0.09 euros

Garlic                                        4 cloves                                  0.13 euros

Milk                                          very little                                (I didnt really put milk, but it will taste good with milk)

Water                                      a lot                                         (tap water)

Dried oregano                     a tea spoon (or less)           0.03 euros

Fresh basil                           as much as you like            (we have a basil plant)

Grand total for soup for two people 1.29 euros


1. Chop up onions, garlic and mushrooms

2. Mix flour and paprika powder

Mine looked like this;

3. Add oil to pot, then add flour-paprika mix to oil and let it cook untill you smell a nutty aroma

It should look like this;

4. Add onions to pot. Mix

5.  Add mushrooms and water to pot

6. Add garlic, milk (optional) and cheese to pot. Mix

7.  Add cauliflower to pot. Mix

8.  Add dried oregano

9.  Garnish with fresh basil

The finished product, and the salad we ate with it;

Yum yum. Please let me know if you tried it, and what you think in general. Thanks 🙂

Potato salad and veggies

Ingredients  Estimated Amounts  Estimated price

Cauliflower less than quarter of one 0.10 euros

Potato  5 stuks 0.14 euros

Black pepper spice as much as you like 0.05 euros

Oil i used quite a bit 0.12 euros

Paprika 1 stuk 0.35 euros

Mustard and yogurt very little 0.10 euros

Mushrooms 4 small 0.25 euros

Onions 1 small  0.05 euros

Carrots  1 stuk  0.05 euros

Salad 3 leaves 0.03 euros

Water a lot  (tap water)

Left over rice a lot (this is difficult to estimate)

Channa 1 pack  0.05 euros

Grand total for a meal for two people 1.29 euros


1. Peel potatoes and carrots and wash all vegetables

2. Boil potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and cauliflower all in plain water

3. Remove potatoes, when cooked

4.  Chop half of a paprika and one small onion; mix these with potato

5. Mix mustard, yogurt, and black pepper with onions, paprika and potato

6.  Place potato mix in the fridge

7. Fry left over rice

8.  Serve everything

The process and finished meal looked like this;

Yum yum. I didn’t use salt only because both my husband and I don’t really notice a taste difference with or without salt for dishes like these. But if you notice a difference and don’t mind using it, then use it 🙂

No-Bake Mushroom and Basil Pizza

Ingredients  Estimated Amounts  Estimated price

Flour 700 ml 0.12 euros

Baking powder  2 tablespoons 0.10 euros

Salt 1/2 tablespoon 0.01 euros

Oil i used quite a lot 0.15 euros

Sugar 1 tablespoon 0.05 euros

Canned tomatoes 1/2 a tin 0.14 euros

Mushrooms 2 small 0.13 euros

Onions 1 small  0.05 euros

Garlic 2 small  0.05 euros

Cheese as much as you like 0.18 euros

Goat cheese  as much as you like 0.30 euros

Fresh basil as much as you like  (we have a basil plant)

Water a lot  (tap water)

Oregano 2 teaspoons 0.06 euros

Grand total for a meal for two people 1.29 euros

(On a side note I am in no way planning all these meals to have the same cost. Lol. Odd but true.)


1.  For the dough mix the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and three tablespoons of oil together and leave to rise for about 2-3 hours

2. For the sauce mix the tomatoes, a chopped onion, the chopped garlic, and some of the oregano together 

3. Roll out the dough in to two circles, place one of the circles into a frying pan, cover the pan and let it cook on the lowest heat possible for 15 minutes

4.  Remove the dough from the pan, and turn it so that the cooked side faces upwards

5. Put the sauce, then cheese and mushrooms on top of this cooked side

6. Next return the pizza to the frying pan, cover the pan and let the pizza cook for 15 minutes on the lowest heat possible

7 Repeat the same process for the second piece of dough. Garnish with basil

End result looks like this;

Yum, yum, it tasted great. I got part of this idea from another blog, and it worked really well. I forgot to take pictures before we started eating, and the pictures taken were not the best.. but it really tasted great 🙂

Twelve Simple Budget Tips

1.  Carry lunch to work (besides saving you have the comfort of knowing exactly what you are eating).

2. Check the websites of all the major supermarkets near you before going out to shop.

3.  Carry a notebook with you while shopping, record the price per Kilogram of the items you regularly buy.

4.  Try to shop at more than one supermarket, from what I see they all have things that they sell at great prices, but no one supermarket is really any better than the next.

5.  Eat less meat and more veggies. But do eat some meat.

6.  Test out different products and then stick with the ones that last the longest or makes most sense for you. Don’t simply buy lots of a cheap product that you have not yet tried; unless its on sale and it is something like carrots or potatoes lol.

7.  Try to grow as many herbs as you can.

8.  Have set goals concerning how much you would like to save, and look at your goals regularly.

9.   Be healthy, do not deny yourself food for the sake of a budget.

10. Shop alone.

11. Make things like pancake syrup, and jam on your own. It saves money, and takes very little time/effort.

12. Save and reuse left overs.

I will upload more Tips and Tricks as I think of them. Thanks for reading  .

Early societies. How I imagine the social structure of at least one early society was.

Picture this: Women give birth and live together with other women and all of the children who have been born. The women go out and search for food and water and other resources which exist in safe spaces near enough to their community.

Men lived separately; boys joined the males when they were old enough to no longer need their mothers (maybe around 10-12 years old). Males hunted and gathered; generally not in the same places as women. They hunted in places further away and gathered in more dangerous territory. They did this because it often meant less work for the same quantity/quality of food and it meant they could access resources which they could use to trade with women.

Women and men were generally uncommitted to each other and most were bisexual. The women mostly slept with each other however from time to time they would trade sex for something of value that one of the males had to offer.  Homosexuality was human’s first all-natural birth control.

Males competed among each other and that drove the ‘’economy”. It was a capitalist economy and it was a capitalist mating system. Something along the way changed though and we switched to a socialist mating system. To monogamy, to traditionalism and it worked. I think for the betas in society (like me!!!) it would be good to hold on to this system; but for the alphas the old system is better. Who will win and what are your thoughts?

Are gay/homosexual/heterosexual people sexist?


Today I am feeling guilty about being sexist. It is like feeling guilty about being a racist. I feel really guilty about being sexist. Now I do not believe that there should be strict sexual discrimination, but some sexual discrimination seems natural. We are after all different right?

The logic of people who are not sexist is that if we are really biologically different, treating the both sexes alike is the only way to find or uncover our true sexual differences. I agree but isn’t it already obvious what the difference between the sexes is?

I am sexist, I believe in preparing women for motherhood and preparing men for fatherhood. I believe that motherhood means caring for children, while fatherhood means providing for one’s family. That does not mean that I think that men who want to take care of babies and children should be denied the opportunity, or that women who want to be breadwinners should be denied that chance. But in the main I think that everyone would be happier having with gender roles.

We do not have to have strict unbreakable gender roles, but can’t we have some? Also if the definition of being sexist is discrimination on the basis of sex, shouldn’t that make all people who have a preference for having sex with ‘’only females’’ or ‘’only males ‘’ sexist? Wouldn’t that mean that gay people are sexist? Straight people are sexist?

Why can’t we just admit that sexism is normal and can be really good and have positive outcomes for individuals and society? Do people really resent gender roles so much? Who is actually harmed by sexism???? Why can’t we end the parts of sexism that are harmful and keep the parts that are helpful???

I feel like I am the past ”racist”. I mean I want my kids to end up with men and I think I would gladly socialize them in that way. If they turn out to be gay I would support them, yes. But I would not encourage them to do that or to try out girls from the beginning. I want grandkids. I feel like not being sexist means that I should encourage my kids to be bisexual and experiment until they find what they really want. When I really just would be most happy with kids who get married to men and are ”normal”. Plus, like I said I think some very good things come from gender roles.

I think we benefit when women who have kids care for them, not all women who have kids should do that and no women with kids should feel pressured into doing something she does not want to but in general women should be encouraged to do that.  Cause it benefits them and benefits society. Why would we not encourage things that benefit us all? And who does it harm?

Can liberals and conservatives unite?

As far as I can tell, both sides do their damage.

Neoconservative emphasis on the nuclear family cuts people off from natural extended family ties and makes the unit much more geographically mobile, much more socially isolated, and consequently much more easily exploited by industry and commerce.

Liberal detraction from the importance of personal role models, father figures, structure, and order tends to destabilize the natural structures in which healthy families develop, and the liberal keenness to defend the status of single mothers, homosexuals, transsexuals (etc) blows those issues out of all proportion to their actual importance and distracts from the importance of the relationships that most people form and most people rely on (ie: monogamous heterosexuality).

Neither of the two sides which prevail in US politics can claim the family for their own. In their own ways, they are both enemies of the family.

—Random quote from the internet that I like. It was a comment.

I could kiss whoever made this post, I agree with it so much. Yes gays need to have marriage legalized, single mothers need support, polygamous people should be able to marry and we need to change all the laws to start respecting minority groups; BUT they are minority groups. And a system in which they remain ‘’minority’’ groups is (as bigoted as it sounds) ideal. Gay people, trans people, polygamous people and all the rest should remain a minority. They can be a large minority making up 50% of the population or so but the marriage concept should ideally be the largest unified majority group.

When you kill the concept of marriage to give minority groups their rights you simply create new minority groups who suffer. And a system where 50% of the people’s issues are given no attention is not ideal. We have to strive for a balanced system. Liberals and Conservatives have to unite under the recondition that they each have to respect the behaviors of the opposite side and they each have to be careful not to demonize the core of what the opposing side values.

— second opinion

First of all I have to say that I am not an American and have never even been to America, but still I find myself fascinated by the different ideologies between liberals and conservatives. As far as I see I am a liberal conservative. And so I want to ask liberals and conservatives this question; why can’t you all unite?

Okay so I think that everyone should be equal under the law and be awarded the same rights regardless of how they think or act. So yes gay people should be able to get married and adopt children. Abortions should be legal. Daycare should be provided by the state. Welfare should exist. HOWEVER, and this is where the conservative in me comes out, society should not encourage people to do things that are clearly destructive to both the individual and to society on a whole.

Therefore while gays should have the right to adopt, it would be in the best interest of society that gay people do not make up the majority of people parenting children. While abortion should be legal it would be in the best interest of society to make sure that the majority of pregnancies do not end in abortion. While daycare and welfare should be provided by the state it would be in the best interest of society to make sure that the majority of people do not need to use either publicly funded daycare or welfare.

My point is that society benefits when the majority of people act conservatively. So encouraging and enabling conservative behavior is a good thing. At the same time laws and people need to respect and enable the non-conservative members of society. So what I really want to say to the liberals is that we can benefit from many conservative values and therefore we should hold on to them, respect them and admit that they have value. And to the conservatives, you are often correct but since there is variation and we are all different and the government and state should represent us all and not just some or the majority the liberals are correct when it comes to legal stuff.

What is wrong with being insecure?

I hate when people say that opposing opinions stem from insecurity for two reasons

1)     Just because someone’s opinion is different than yours does not mean that that opinion stems from insecurity. By that logic your opinion should also stem from insecurity because it is different to the person you are talking to.

2)     What is so bad about insecurity? What is so bad about an opinion coming from insecurity? Insecurity is natural and real and some very valid opinions can be derived from insecurity.

People should attack what people say, attack their actual opinions and not where they do or do not come from. I do have insecurities and many of my opinions stem from them, but as far as I see that does not make my opinions less valid and that is not a bad thing. My insecurities are a part of me and I embrace them just like I embrace the more secure parts of me. So I am insecure and proud!

What Atheists can learn from Religion and what Liberals should learn from Conservatives.

Okay so I am not religious or American but in theory how I think is closer to the atheist worldview and in theory I would vote liberally but there are one or two idea that I think the atheist and liberals should take from their opponents.

The number one thing is monogamy. I think that historically monogamous societies have always been more successful than liberal societies where people simply sleep around. My theory is that this was the case because monogamous societies allowed fathers to be present in their children’s life. Historically men have been the stronger sex because women were busy getting pregnant and trying to nurse babies and insure that they made it through the fragile years. So men always had the capacity to accomplish more than women. By giving boys access to male role models I think past societies allowed boys to structure their lives in a more productive way.

I think that monogamy promotes productive boys because as they are developing they have access to male role models who they can emulate. It gives them stability, direction and makes them less marginalized than they otherwise would be. I think that monogamy is unnatural and that nature actually intended for us to be liberal but that monogamy is one of man’s best tricks on nature. You see our bodies are created for a time that no longer exists. We are created for the past; a time where resources were more abundant but may have required us to sometimes risk our lives to get access to these resources.

In a liberal society where men lack role models, men become more marginalized and less secure in their roles. This would mean that men were more likely to risk their lives to attack other tribes and would compete more aggressively among each other. Nature favored this model because it worked in a time where resources were that was our reality, where danger was more common and where it was sometimes necessary for men to risk their lives. But that time no longer exist and men have been using monogamy to trick nature and to increase the productivity of males for a long time. I think this is one of the major reasons that religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and every other monogamy based religion have made it so far. Because they supported monogamy their societies became more productive and that is why they survived.

So I think it is something that we need to keep in mind as we create new models for our societies. Monogamy favors productivity and could favor our survival.

There are more things that we can learn and adopt from religion and conservatism but I will make other post on them and add the links to this post.

Evolutionary Psychology Posts

Evolutionary psychology? I love it. I do not care if it is true or not, I just find myself fascinated by the possibility that it may be true! So here are the post I have made on evolutionary psychology:

Men value looks (and kindness) and women value money; here’s why!

Here’s the thing biology intended for men and women to have different focuses.

Essentially without science we can define women and men by saying women make babies and feed infants and men do not make babies or feed infants freeing them up to do other things with their time.

So males are naturally inclined to focus on other things (ie bringing in the bacon), while females are naturally inclined to focus on child care.

The most important factors determining how well a women will do her job of raising children are how kind she is and her health and her looks. If she has big breast she is more likely to be successful at breastfeeding. If she has a wide hips she is less likely to die during childbirth. If she has great hair she is eating well and more likely to conceive a child and provide a good home to that child both during pregnancy and after. Similarly how kind you are to him is an indication of how nice you will be to his kids. So women the most important thing about you to a man is instinctively going to be how you look and how nice you are!

Women throughout evolution have been taking care of babies so we are naturally inclined to be pregnant and tied to our offspring. So women are naturally incline to be impressed by how well a man can take care of her when she and her children are in a state where they cannot take care of themselves. In our past this had nothing to do with money though so we unlike men are not instinctively attracted to money but rather we are mentally attracted to it, instinctively we are still attracted to bad boys because they once represented good providers. So guys; no matter what a woman tells you, she is naturally inclined to be impressed by your wallet!

Men are attracted to your looks because biologically it indicates that having sex with you will produce a child that is likely to survive and you are attracted to rich guys and bad boys for the very same reason; you biologically think having sex with them will produce a child whose chances of survival are high!


Why women like bad boys and nice guys finish last (quite literally)!

Women are caught between two worlds. According to my theories on how early societies were, the early hunter gatherer societies looked like this:

Women got pregnant and had kids and mostly socialized with other women while raising their kids. Men grew up with mothers but no fathers. When they were old enough, men would seek out male role models and join gangs of men who were the hunters and protectors of the community.

Women and men did not really have committed relationships, but rather men competed among each other while hunting. The guy who brings home to biggest prey is the best and would get the most sex. So from our hunter/gatherer days women are used to giving sex (or getting into relationships) with the guy who brings home the biggest prey.

And the characteristics needed to be this guy are basically asshole characteristics. Also an asshole is more likely to care only about his sexual pleasure during bed and women like this because it increases the chances that he will cum first (increasing the chances of conception). So we have a genetic softspot for assholes. But times have changed and there is no longer any correlation whatsoever between being an asshole and bringing home the biggest prey, also with monogamy his chances of cumming first also do not matter as much. We cannot just turn off our biology though, so we still act the same… unless we are smart enough to realize that it is just biology.

We are getting there nice guys, if it any consolation way into the future we will be more evolved since the present day guy who brings home the biggest bacon is not usually an asshole his genes and the genes of those who mate monogamously with him will be the ones to be passed on. So one day in the future you will not finish last.


Why most women want to be dominated in bed.

Polls show that as many as 60% of women have rape fantasies and I am one of them. Many theories have been suggested to explain why this is the case.

My theory is that women are genetically inclined to want the male they are having sex with to cum. We want to be absolutely certain that he cums and that actually excites us sexually. The most certain way to be sure that he has or will come is if he is dominant and makes it clear that the sexual experience is for his pleasure.  So we get mentally excited when we imagine that we are not enjoying the sex and he is because we are sure that it means he will cum. The point of the sex has nothing to do with our pleasure, his pleasure is the focus and therefore the likelihood that he comes is higher.

The other theories about wanting to be ultimately desired or free of the guilt associated with sex also makes sense, but I just wanted to add this theory to the pot.

See this article: How feminism ruined my sex life. 


Women like shopping while men do not; is this part of why?

Is it a remnant from our hunter gatherer past? Women were the primary gatherers since they cared for children and had to make sure they were feed but could not take them into dangerous areas, while men who did not care for children were the primary hunters since although more risky meat meant less work for more food.

So women are more inclined to like gathering style shopping (looking around and shopping slowly for the best possible thing), while men prefer hunting style shopping (having a target in mind and getting it upon first sight).

Well that is the claim of one Evolutionary Psychologist, see more here!