3 Budget Recipes and 12 Budget Tips.

Cauliflower and cheese soup

Ingredients                              Estimated Amounts           Estimated price

Caulifloweras                            much as you like                0.24 euros

Flour                                           2 table spoons                    0.01 euros (actually less but hey!)

Paprika powder spice          as much as you like           0.05 euros

Oil                                               just a little                             0.05 euros

Cheese                                     100 grams                             0.44 euros

Mushrooms                            4 large                                    0.25 euros

Onions                                     2 small                                    0.09 euros

Garlic                                        4 cloves                                  0.13 euros

Milk                                          very little                                (I didnt really put milk, but it will taste good with milk)

Water                                      a lot                                         (tap water)

Dried oregano                     a tea spoon (or less)           0.03 euros

Fresh basil                           as much as you like            (we have a basil plant)

Grand total for soup for two people 1.29 euros


1. Chop up onions, garlic and mushrooms

2. Mix flour and paprika powder

Mine looked like this;

3. Add oil to pot, then add flour-paprika mix to oil and let it cook untill you smell a nutty aroma

It should look like this;

4. Add onions to pot. Mix

5.  Add mushrooms and water to pot

6. Add garlic, milk (optional) and cheese to pot. Mix

7.  Add cauliflower to pot. Mix

8.  Add dried oregano

9.  Garnish with fresh basil

The finished product, and the salad we ate with it;

Yum yum. Please let me know if you tried it, and what you think in general. Thanks 🙂

Potato salad and veggies

Ingredients  Estimated Amounts  Estimated price

Cauliflower less than quarter of one 0.10 euros

Potato  5 stuks 0.14 euros

Black pepper spice as much as you like 0.05 euros

Oil i used quite a bit 0.12 euros

Paprika 1 stuk 0.35 euros

Mustard and yogurt very little 0.10 euros

Mushrooms 4 small 0.25 euros

Onions 1 small  0.05 euros

Carrots  1 stuk  0.05 euros

Salad 3 leaves 0.03 euros

Water a lot  (tap water)

Left over rice a lot (this is difficult to estimate)

Channa 1 pack  0.05 euros

Grand total for a meal for two people 1.29 euros


1. Peel potatoes and carrots and wash all vegetables

2. Boil potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and cauliflower all in plain water

3. Remove potatoes, when cooked

4.  Chop half of a paprika and one small onion; mix these with potato

5. Mix mustard, yogurt, and black pepper with onions, paprika and potato

6.  Place potato mix in the fridge

7. Fry left over rice

8.  Serve everything

The process and finished meal looked like this;

Yum yum. I didn’t use salt only because both my husband and I don’t really notice a taste difference with or without salt for dishes like these. But if you notice a difference and don’t mind using it, then use it 🙂

No-Bake Mushroom and Basil Pizza

Ingredients  Estimated Amounts  Estimated price

Flour 700 ml 0.12 euros

Baking powder  2 tablespoons 0.10 euros

Salt 1/2 tablespoon 0.01 euros

Oil i used quite a lot 0.15 euros

Sugar 1 tablespoon 0.05 euros

Canned tomatoes 1/2 a tin 0.14 euros

Mushrooms 2 small 0.13 euros

Onions 1 small  0.05 euros

Garlic 2 small  0.05 euros

Cheese as much as you like 0.18 euros

Goat cheese  as much as you like 0.30 euros

Fresh basil as much as you like  (we have a basil plant)

Water a lot  (tap water)

Oregano 2 teaspoons 0.06 euros

Grand total for a meal for two people 1.29 euros

(On a side note I am in no way planning all these meals to have the same cost. Lol. Odd but true.)


1.  For the dough mix the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and three tablespoons of oil together and leave to rise for about 2-3 hours

2. For the sauce mix the tomatoes, a chopped onion, the chopped garlic, and some of the oregano together 

3. Roll out the dough in to two circles, place one of the circles into a frying pan, cover the pan and let it cook on the lowest heat possible for 15 minutes

4.  Remove the dough from the pan, and turn it so that the cooked side faces upwards

5. Put the sauce, then cheese and mushrooms on top of this cooked side

6. Next return the pizza to the frying pan, cover the pan and let the pizza cook for 15 minutes on the lowest heat possible

7 Repeat the same process for the second piece of dough. Garnish with basil

End result looks like this;

Yum, yum, it tasted great. I got part of this idea from another blog, and it worked really well. I forgot to take pictures before we started eating, and the pictures taken were not the best.. but it really tasted great 🙂

Twelve Simple Budget Tips

1.  Carry lunch to work (besides saving you have the comfort of knowing exactly what you are eating).

2. Check the websites of all the major supermarkets near you before going out to shop.

3.  Carry a notebook with you while shopping, record the price per Kilogram of the items you regularly buy.

4.  Try to shop at more than one supermarket, from what I see they all have things that they sell at great prices, but no one supermarket is really any better than the next.

5.  Eat less meat and more veggies. But do eat some meat.

6.  Test out different products and then stick with the ones that last the longest or makes most sense for you. Don’t simply buy lots of a cheap product that you have not yet tried; unless its on sale and it is something like carrots or potatoes lol.

7.  Try to grow as many herbs as you can.

8.  Have set goals concerning how much you would like to save, and look at your goals regularly.

9.   Be healthy, do not deny yourself food for the sake of a budget.

10. Shop alone.

11. Make things like pancake syrup, and jam on your own. It saves money, and takes very little time/effort.

12. Save and reuse left overs.

I will upload more Tips and Tricks as I think of them. Thanks for reading  .