Everything is connected. How traditionalism is socialist, while liberalism is capitalistic!

You ever notice how everything in life is connected. Every little thing. I mean really deeply connected. How did I even start blogging about feminism, it was through looking at things about children and babies and toddlers, which led me to working mother versus stay at home mother things, which led to feminism, and that to family and social structure, which recently led me to capitalism versus socialism, which leads me to human instincts, which leads back to children and babies.

EVERY thought can be connected to every thought and every person and every leaf and everything that exist and does not exist is all so deeply connected. The world is beautiful and we should celebrate it!

Traditionalism is the socialist model of structuring families. It is model of co-dependence that does not rely on competition to drive it. It promotes monogamy so that everyone gets a piece of the pie. Everyone gets access to sex. Everyone gets a spouse and can get access to ‘’work/the profits of male work’’ and access to sex and children. It is socialist at its heart.

Liberalism is the capitalist way of structuring society. We sleep around and there is no commitment. Sex or work is not guaranteed. In these societies many people go without being able to have children. The men who are richest or compete and end up successful with the biggest prey etc. get the most sex. This is the most natural way and it is the way we spent most of our existence.

It seems very interesting to me that conservatives are for capitalism while being for traditionalism, while liberals are for socialism while being for liberalism. It suggests that most of us truly are balanced and searching for something in-between. I am drawn more to socialism although capitalism seems far more natural. But the question still remains which one is truly better?? Whose interest should we seek; self or society?

Is the concept of capitalism better than the concept or socialism or the other way around? What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Everything is connected. How traditionalism is socialist, while liberalism is capitalistic!

  1. Ummm…I’m not really sure of the logic in this post. Some of it seems to be a result of conflating things overly much. Liberalism vs. Traditionalism and Socialism vs. Capitalism work well enough but you can conflate the metrics much and still get solid results of logic.

    Traditionalism is really separate from economic models as is Liberalism. I think that’s less a matter of balance then of the social arena being a different thing than the economic one.

    Also, wealthy men often don’t have more sex or more children than other men. Often they’ve made choices that placed wealth generation over sex and family. Indeed, in many societies it is the poor who reproduce the most and the wealthy who remain childless or with few children.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I do not mean that traditionalism is socialist in an economic sense. I mean within the trade surrounding sex. Traditionalism attempts to make sure that everyone has access to sex from the opposite sex. And that is socialist since it shares up all the sex equally.

    It is true that wealthy men may not have more sex than other but usually they have more options. Also I think in an evolutionary sense when I say rich or wealthy there was no money then. A guys success was more about strength and his abilities as a hunter or protector.

    Thanks for your thoughts though; I really appreciate it!

  3. This post is spot on. Traditionalism is based on the Biblical mentality, which essentially enslaves individuals into particular roles, in this case gender roles. Traditionalism is collectivist in its nature, and its quite funny seeing conservatives trying to twist their dogmas in order to fit in with their Biblical ‘collectivist’ ideals, which essentially mirror communism. Capitalism is the liberator of women and the individual, it is thanks to capitalism that women finally were able to leave the domestic sphere and actually have a choice in the matters of their own bodies. Without capitalism we would be living in a mix of feudal communist estates.

    • Thanks for your comment. I checked out your blog and we seem to think very differently. It is good that you see the good in feminism and are able to use it. I do not see female liberation as a good thing though. I think self is defined by society and so what is good for society is ultimately good for self.

  4. socialism is absolutely flawed. it has failed a hundred times in history and it will repeatedly fail until finally humanity gives up on it….. socialism steals from the more productive members of society to support the least productive. it empowers the weak and ties the strong down with what is usually a mindless and corrupt bureaucracy.

    worse still socialism is proven to create cronyism, where corporations and power brokers actively use the system to unfairly annihilate any competition, further stagnating society and damping progress.

    socialism builds a huge government system, in which those with little talent other than social skills (politicians) rise to the top and laud over those more productive and more talented than them.

    everything that socialism does, creates the problems it pretends to cure. it is the disease, not the medicine.

    certainly it is nice if society helps support those that are out of work, ill or disabled, but the more you provide an environment where by decree… people have nothing to lose, the more people have nothing to gain. where people have nothing to gain, where i can sit on unemployment benefit for years and smoke pot all day, and where work involves all kinds of tedious bureaucracy designed to maintain the status quo, life sinks into a selfish subsistence of entertaining oneself at the expense of the state.

    socialism disrupts what is a natural order in society, it ignores the natural human incentive (especially amongst men) to motivate themselves and find useful productive ventures.

    socialism assumes that everyone is a loser, out only for themselves, socialism breeds the nanny state and multiplies fear amongst the population. “people cannot be trusted to take care of themselves and those around them.”

    on the contrary, while people can exhibit self tendencies, especially in times of plenty, they have also repeatedly through all history shown they are more than willing to lay down their lives in the most selfless acts of kindness to strangers, socialism has to pretend this human trait does not exist. socialism has to pretend that people are inherently bad, that people are inherently unmotivated, and thus socialism creates those kinds of people.

    • Yes socialism in an economic sense is extreme and will not work where people feel that there are choices and it does not benefit them. It tends to only work when society is going through very harsh times. People are both self oriented and society oriented, but we are more self oriented and that makes socialism difficult where there is no fear to keep it in place. I think that it is necessary in someways on some levels in society though because it can help avoid the huge gap created between rich and poor. The thing is when the poor have it pretty good then this becomes difficult because the cost seem to outweigh the benefits.

      • If, objectively, the poor have it pretty good then why should anyone care about a huge gap created between rich and poor? I can see no valid for a relative judgement when it comes to material wealth.

      • Hi Jonolan, I think the thing is that both socialism and capitalism have points of instability. Socialism works better when times are hard, but as soon as times get easy people see no need for it. The cost of socialism outweighs the benefits, just as the cost of cooperation out-weights the benefits of doing everything your own way. But that is only the case when you are independent. When life is easy. Capitalism creates a gap that people can live with during good times, but as soon as resources become rare then people can no longer live with this gap.

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