Are gay/homosexual/heterosexual people sexist?


Today I am feeling guilty about being sexist. It is like feeling guilty about being a racist. I feel really guilty about being sexist. Now I do not believe that there should be strict sexual discrimination, but some sexual discrimination seems natural. We are after all different right?

The logic of people who are not sexist is that if we are really biologically different, treating the both sexes alike is the only way to find or uncover our true sexual differences. I agree but isn’t it already obvious what the difference between the sexes is?

I am sexist, I believe in preparing women for motherhood and preparing men for fatherhood. I believe that motherhood means caring for children, while fatherhood means providing for one’s family. That does not mean that I think that men who want to take care of babies and children should be denied the opportunity, or that women who want to be breadwinners should be denied that chance. But in the main I think that everyone would be happier having with gender roles.

We do not have to have strict unbreakable gender roles, but can’t we have some? Also if the definition of being sexist is discrimination on the basis of sex, shouldn’t that make all people who have a preference for having sex with ‘’only females’’ or ‘’only males ‘’ sexist? Wouldn’t that mean that gay people are sexist? Straight people are sexist?

Why can’t we just admit that sexism is normal and can be really good and have positive outcomes for individuals and society? Do people really resent gender roles so much? Who is actually harmed by sexism???? Why can’t we end the parts of sexism that are harmful and keep the parts that are helpful???

I feel like I am the past ”racist”. I mean I want my kids to end up with men and I think I would gladly socialize them in that way. If they turn out to be gay I would support them, yes. But I would not encourage them to do that or to try out girls from the beginning. I want grandkids. I feel like not being sexist means that I should encourage my kids to be bisexual and experiment until they find what they really want. When I really just would be most happy with kids who get married to men and are ”normal”. Plus, like I said I think some very good things come from gender roles.

I think we benefit when women who have kids care for them, not all women who have kids should do that and no women with kids should feel pressured into doing something she does not want to but in general women should be encouraged to do that.  Cause it benefits them and benefits society. Why would we not encourage things that benefit us all? And who does it harm?


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