Biology is my Religion. There is no free will.

Okay so far I have said that I think closer to the atheists than to religious people, but what is it that I really think? Okay my father is a Christian and my mother is a Muslim. Neither of them are very strict but we grew up in church on a Sunday and the Mosque on a Friday. The church was the worse of the two because there was a Sunday school part of church and the teachers there all hated my mother. They told us that she was definitely going to hell and that she was evil (one even said she had the devil living inside of her). We of course knew this not to be true and I think as a very young child that was the reason my brother and I rejected religion completely.

Week after week of going to two different religious meetings just showed us that both people were nice and weird and that neither was better or worse than the other and that it was impossible for one person to KNOW that they were correct, or more correct than the other. We explored religion and found many of its fundamental claims to be untrue (to us, though we respect that they are true to others). One fundamental untruth that we saw in both religions was the concept of free will. We found that people, like all other animals and things in this world are a reaction or a mirror of everything around them. We found that the there is no such thing as ‘’self’’ independent from the world around us and that if self does not exist in the first place, it cannot be said to make decisions.

We are all the same. We are all reactions. We all have no control and make no choices. Choice is an illusion. If you did not choose to be born, or to be born into the family that you were born into and you can see that your family has affected the way you think and the choices you make then how can those choices be your own? Even if you say your surroundings only push you in one direction or the next and merely influence you and that you make the final decision, then who are you? Who is this you that makes the final decision? Is it your biological nature (not something you choose)? Is it the sum of everything you’ve experienced (not something you choose)? Or is it free will itself (not something you choose to have or designed)?

You did not choose your family, your nationality, your genetics or even your existence and they are your beginning. They affected the first decisions you ever made and those decisions affected the rest making each decision in your life the tipping point of one huge, connected domino field.  Everything, every single thing affects our choices. Every person we met, every movie we see, every church we go to, our biology, everything affects our choices. So choices are in no way free. I am not religious at least in part because of my childhood experiences with opposing religions and that is something that I had no control over. Likewise people who are religious are so in part because of things they also had no control over.

And if this is true how can any person be justifiably judged on what they happen to believe. If this is so then ‘’God’’ is in control of what each of us believe, and there are no good people or bad people. ‘’God’’ the one who designed us and our surrounding or who created the domino field representing our decisions is in control of every decision made and why then would he put me in a family and setting that shows me that the concepts behind religion make no sense? Why then would he create atheists only to then judge us and send us to hell? We are all just people reacting to the influences around us which we had no control over and which we did not choose.


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