Why we as parents and future parents need to save marriage and relationships.

Marriage is the corner stone of the family unit as we know it and the family unit as we know it is the corner stone of development and progress within society. The family unit as we know it provides children with a stable environment in which they have access to role models from both sexes. The family provides a safe place for children to grow and develop into productive individuals.

Now personally I do not care if you have a wedding or get marriage legally. I lived with my husband for 2 years before getting married legally and nothing changed after the legal marriage part. We married legally to make it easier for us to travel together and because I wanted his last name. To me marriage is a commitment between two people to spend their lives together and to be monogamous. If you feel to have a wedding or to have your marriage recognized by the courts, great; but it is not necessary for there to be a marriage. All that is necessary for two people to be married is for them to commit to each other.

When we have commitment between parents society gets ‘’better’’ children. Society gets children who can contribute more because they were given regular access to at least two contributing role models from either sex. Without commitment society can get the same quality of children but it is not guaranteed. Without commitment it depends on the individual parents and how much both make an effort to be in their children’s lives. So to me commitment is better for children and so if you want to have children do not be afraid to ask for marriage.

Marriage contrary to popular belief can also bring a lot of joy and a lot of sex. I think monogamy (though less important than marriage) is also important because sex is never just sex. Sex is not just sex, sex is the most intimate thing that two people can do. And sex is not just about the two people involved, sex is also about the possibility of creating an entirely new human being and so having standards and only wanting to have sex with someone who you would be comfortable creating a child with is not a bad thing and does not make you prudish. It does not mean that you get no joy from sex, or you see it only in relation to children it means that you acknowledge the possibility of creating a new life while having sex.

Polygamy can also be great if you happen to fall for more than one person and you all are comfortable committing and building your lives together. The point is really that commitment before sex benefits children.


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