The beauty of internet relationships. Why dating online is a good idea.

I met my husband over the internet and I would not have it any other way. Isn’t it strange that whenever we are asked where we met it feels wrong or lame or somehow more shameful that we met online when in reality I cannot think of a better place to meet your spouse.  In a world where we are all seeking to be known, to be explored and to feel less alone and more like someone can see our mind (our depth, our soul) where better can we meet potential mates than online?

Yes it is true that the internet opens us yup to liars, scam artist and worse but these people can also be met in everyday life. To compensate for the greater concentration of ‘’weridos’’ that we are exposed to online the internet also forces us to make mental connections before physical ones. It allows us to really get to know the heart of the other person; the truth behind them. The internet gives us confidence to be who really are, to fuck political correctness to admit all the nasty things we have done, to let down the strong mask we wear in real life. Because the internet is a mask in itself. The screens and the distance and the anonamousity can be such a thick mask that for the first time we can be ourselves through the internet.

And it is only by being yourself that you can find someone that matches you. Some people have the confidence and security and opportunity to be themselves without the internet but I did not. I was so depressed and frustrated with my lack of connections that I invented a name for myself and went about connecting with strangers until I met the one who understood. The guy who understood what it felt like to be mentally alone. What it felt like to have so many thoughts and not know if anyone else had them as well, what it felt like to long for that type of connection where someone knows you so well that they know all of your nasty parts and still accept you. He was the one.

We spoke online for 6 months before ever exchanging pictures. We fell in love without ever knowing what we looked like, or smelt like, or felt like. All we knew was what we thought like, and now 9 years later we are still happy, still in love, have two beautiful and amazing children and still very much connected.

So internet relationships are beautiful and can be real and offer a type of connection that I think many of us crave!


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