What is wrong with being insecure?

I hate when people say that opposing opinions stem from insecurity for two reasons

1)     Just because someone’s opinion is different than yours does not mean that that opinion stems from insecurity. By that logic your opinion should also stem from insecurity because it is different to the person you are talking to.

2)     What is so bad about insecurity? What is so bad about an opinion coming from insecurity? Insecurity is natural and real and some very valid opinions can be derived from insecurity.

People should attack what people say, attack their actual opinions and not where they do or do not come from. I do have insecurities and many of my opinions stem from them, but as far as I see that does not make my opinions less valid and that is not a bad thing. My insecurities are a part of me and I embrace them just like I embrace the more secure parts of me. So I am insecure and proud!


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