What Atheists can learn from Religion and what Liberals should learn from Conservatives.

Okay so I am not religious or American but in theory how I think is closer to the atheist worldview and in theory I would vote liberally but there are one or two idea that I think the atheist and liberals should take from their opponents.

The number one thing is monogamy. I think that historically monogamous societies have always been more successful than liberal societies where people simply sleep around. My theory is that this was the case because monogamous societies allowed fathers to be present in their children’s life. Historically men have been the stronger sex because women were busy getting pregnant and trying to nurse babies and insure that they made it through the fragile years. So men always had the capacity to accomplish more than women. By giving boys access to male role models I think past societies allowed boys to structure their lives in a more productive way.

I think that monogamy promotes productive boys because as they are developing they have access to male role models who they can emulate. It gives them stability, direction and makes them less marginalized than they otherwise would be. I think that monogamy is unnatural and that nature actually intended for us to be liberal but that monogamy is one of man’s best tricks on nature. You see our bodies are created for a time that no longer exists. We are created for the past; a time where resources were more abundant but may have required us to sometimes risk our lives to get access to these resources.

In a liberal society where men lack role models, men become more marginalized and less secure in their roles. This would mean that men were more likely to risk their lives to attack other tribes and would compete more aggressively among each other. Nature favored this model because it worked in a time where resources were that was our reality, where danger was more common and where it was sometimes necessary for men to risk their lives. But that time no longer exist and men have been using monogamy to trick nature and to increase the productivity of males for a long time. I think this is one of the major reasons that religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and every other monogamy based religion have made it so far. Because they supported monogamy their societies became more productive and that is why they survived.

So I think it is something that we need to keep in mind as we create new models for our societies. Monogamy favors productivity and could favor our survival.

There are more things that we can learn and adopt from religion and conservatism but I will make other post on them and add the links to this post.


3 thoughts on “What Atheists can learn from Religion and what Liberals should learn from Conservatives.

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  2. Actually, most of the “better” societies throughout history haven’t been monogamous, though some, e.g., Rome, only allowed for one legal spouse. Polygamy has been rule until the last few centuries. Do not mistake monogamy for valuing the family and a father’s role in it; the latter is quite possible without the former. Also do not mistake polygamy for promiscuity; they are not dependent upon each other at all.

    And BTW, neither Islam nor Hinduism has monogamy as one of their tenets. Even Christianity and by that I mean Catholicism and early Protestantism (Luther himself) were reconciled to polygamy in many instances, especially among the Middle-Ages’ nobility and royalty who needed more than one wife for political reasons.

  3. WOW, that is my first comment. WOW! A stranger actually read something I wrote THANK YOU!!! I suppose I used the wrong word monogamy. What I meant was commitment. To me Hinduism and Islam do support monogamy because they support marriage and once you have a 50-50 ratio the chances of monogamy within these religions are very high. Islam allows more than one wife but only if you can afford it. But polygamy also would work for society, and supports productivity. Even sleeping around with random people would work once there are men and women who commit to being physically present to raise children then I think you get a high level of productivity.

    The alternative to this I think is a society where women raises children without having any form of commitment to men. Where children do not have access to male role models and I have seen this in several societies. I think it sets a society up to lose some of the productivity that it otherwise could have has since males tend to be less productive in these societies as they essentially only have to provide for themselves. Males are somehow societies best resource.

    As far as cheating, or having a ”wife” and sleeping with other women or vice versa that also supports productivity the point really is to incorporate males into the family structure!

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