Society’s obsession with –isms

Photo: Defining women relationally has only led to the violation of our rights. We are people in our own right and as such entitled to our bodily autonomy

I just had to share this picture and say that society does try to classify everyone as belonging to a group or sect and that in some ways it is unhealthy. It is useful I agree, and I do it all the time. We do this for a reason and it has many benefits, but it may also be worthwhile to remember that people are also individuals who deserve to be explored not as men, or women, or mothers, or Jews, or Americans, or doctors, or housewives but just as beings.

We are so dynamic and ever changing. Our opinions are constantly evolving and what we think or use to define us today may be completely different tomorrow. Generalities do have their place within society, philosophy and the human mind though so I cannot 100% support this photo, but there is some truth to it. Often I resent the preconceived opinions that people have about me and I wish that we would enter conversations and interactions with each other with an open mind and a clean slate.

For me my family is most guilty of seeing me with preconceived notions, of thinking that they know who I am and that they understand me. When how can anyone truly be understood or classified? We are dynamic beings and every new thought that I have in some way defines me. So to call myself an atheist or conservative can never really define me because I could not possibly have the same thoughts as all other atheists or conservatives and to assume that you know more about me based on my classification is damaging.

It is true that in most cases you can know more about a person based on their classification but it is also damaging to not keep in mind that they may surprise you and that they may not be exactly who you think they are.


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