Can liberals and conservatives unite?

As far as I can tell, both sides do their damage.

Neoconservative emphasis on the nuclear family cuts people off from natural extended family ties and makes the unit much more geographically mobile, much more socially isolated, and consequently much more easily exploited by industry and commerce.

Liberal detraction from the importance of personal role models, father figures, structure, and order tends to destabilize the natural structures in which healthy families develop, and the liberal keenness to defend the status of single mothers, homosexuals, transsexuals (etc) blows those issues out of all proportion to their actual importance and distracts from the importance of the relationships that most people form and most people rely on (ie: monogamous heterosexuality).

Neither of the two sides which prevail in US politics can claim the family for their own. In their own ways, they are both enemies of the family.

—Random quote from the internet that I like. It was a comment.

I could kiss whoever made this post, I agree with it so much. Yes gays need to have marriage legalized, single mothers need support, polygamous people should be able to marry and we need to change all the laws to start respecting minority groups; BUT they are minority groups. And a system in which they remain ‘’minority’’ groups is (as bigoted as it sounds) ideal. Gay people, trans people, polygamous people and all the rest should remain a minority. They can be a large minority making up 50% of the population or so but the marriage concept should ideally be the largest unified majority group.

When you kill the concept of marriage to give minority groups their rights you simply create new minority groups who suffer. And a system where 50% of the people’s issues are given no attention is not ideal. We have to strive for a balanced system. Liberals and Conservatives have to unite under the recondition that they each have to respect the behaviors of the opposite side and they each have to be careful not to demonize the core of what the opposing side values.

— second opinion

First of all I have to say that I am not an American and have never even been to America, but still I find myself fascinated by the different ideologies between liberals and conservatives. As far as I see I am a liberal conservative. And so I want to ask liberals and conservatives this question; why can’t you all unite?

Okay so I think that everyone should be equal under the law and be awarded the same rights regardless of how they think or act. So yes gay people should be able to get married and adopt children. Abortions should be legal. Daycare should be provided by the state. Welfare should exist. HOWEVER, and this is where the conservative in me comes out, society should not encourage people to do things that are clearly destructive to both the individual and to society on a whole.

Therefore while gays should have the right to adopt, it would be in the best interest of society that gay people do not make up the majority of people parenting children. While abortion should be legal it would be in the best interest of society to make sure that the majority of pregnancies do not end in abortion. While daycare and welfare should be provided by the state it would be in the best interest of society to make sure that the majority of people do not need to use either publicly funded daycare or welfare.

My point is that society benefits when the majority of people act conservatively. So encouraging and enabling conservative behavior is a good thing. At the same time laws and people need to respect and enable the non-conservative members of society. So what I really want to say to the liberals is that we can benefit from many conservative values and therefore we should hold on to them, respect them and admit that they have value. And to the conservatives, you are often correct but since there is variation and we are all different and the government and state should represent us all and not just some or the majority the liberals are correct when it comes to legal stuff.


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