Travelling the world does not make you better than others!

Here’s the thing, I have no problem with people travelling the world. Travelling is great (if you are someone who enjoys that). But I do have a problem with the many, many articles and many, many people that assume and imply that world travel somehow makes you a better person.

These people and articles seem to imply that travelling broadens your world view, makes you appreciate things more, makes you learn to get by with less and ultimately makes you a better person. I call BS! Experiences broaden your world view and all that, experiences of living without access to a water supply or without a bed or whatever make you appreciate what you have.

Not travelling can therefore broaden you worldview more than travelling, not travelling can therefore make you a better person than travelling can. You can broaden your worldview in any country, in any neighborhood at and time. You can go to your local hospital and help old people, or volunteer to feed the homeless, or go chat with your neighbors. You can do a million things that do not involve much travel to expand your worldview, in fact you can expand your worldview by chatting with people online. You can be an online friend to depressed people or those struggling with divorce or the death of a loved one.

The thing is travelling is great for many reasons, but it does not make you a better person. It changes you, but all life experiences change you. This crazy obsession with feeling better about yourself because you have traveled is misguided. I see it all the time via articles and in people who I meet. They really think that having traveled has made them a better person and they encourage others to also  travel so that they too could become ‘’better’’. Do not fall for their BS. I am not saying to avoid travel; it CAN broaden your worldview. But to assume it is better than all other experiences is simply incorrect.


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